FPS300 Compression Targets

For years many archers have prefered the easy arrow removal and long life of a compression target. At American Whitetail we have designed a line of compression bag targets that use top quality 6.5 oz heavy duty Polypro bags, printed with graphics that will help you get ready for the coming hunting season or 3D tournament.

We fill these bags with a combination of ballistic fibers that work together to stop your arrow, yet let you remove it with ease. The woven weave of the heavy duty bag will open to allow your arrow to be removed thousands of times with little damage. This makes our compression target extremely durable



The FPS300 series of comression targets are printed with nine four inch spots on one side and a whitetail vital area on the other.
The heavy duty 6.5oz bag is the ultimate in durability with loops sewen on all four corners for easy hanging. Filled with a combination of ballistic materials, the FPS300 target will stop arrows over 300 FPS thousands of times. Lightweight-Extremely Durable-Easy Arrow Removal-Super Price...The FPS300 gives you everything!



Cat# BG100                                   
Size 24"x24"x14" Thick                  

The BG200 has all the stopping power of the other FPS300 targets in a larger package.
Made with the same heavy duty 6.5 oz poly filled with our ballistic fibers this big target will take a pounding yet give your arrow or bolt back with ease.












Cat# BG200
Size 28"x28"x16" Thick