Hybrid King A/P


Some broadheads require a target that allows the arrow to penetrate through the back so it can be unscrewed from the arrow before pulling the arrow out. One example would be the Ashby broadhead. An excellent single bevel broadhead that actually twists as it enters the target. The twisting action sort of "corkscrews" the arrow through and makes it almost impossible to pull out.

The Hybrid King is designed to stop arrows with any broadhead, but it is especially handy when you need to take the broadhead off before removing the arrow. At ten inches thick the Hybrid King is a all purpose target that will stop both field points and broadheads, but it excels with broadheads. The arrows will protrude from the back allowing you access to the broadhead if needed. Designed for arrow speeds up to 300 fps the Hybrid King A/P will meet all your expectations at bargain price.


       Cat# HK-100
       Size 18" x 18" x 9.5" Thick
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