Indoor-Outdoor Range Systems

AMERICAN WHITETAIL offers an unbeatable variety of options for Archery Ranges, both indoors and outdoors!

 NEW for 2016!!! The HybriMAT X5 Range Mat



The range mat you would design! Lightweight, repairable affordable, super tough with two finger arrow removal......Check out the new X5 range mat....made for the bows of the 21st century!

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The HybriMAT Commercial Range Module



A totally new concept in range systems, featuring 100,000 shot NoWear Screen Mesh conbined with our Hybrid laminated foam over compression core system.

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The ELASTAFOAM Open-Layer System


Elastafoam is the ultimate open-layer system for those who want to build their own range.  It saves you money and gives you an easy way to repair your range when needed.


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The HybriMAT® Range System


New for 2011 is the HybriMAT® Range System. This unique target mat combines the user-friendliness of laminated foam mats with the long target life and easy arrow removal of compression bag targets.  Portable, easily set-up, and repairable.

Learn more on the HybriMAT Range Page!

The RANGE KING Broadhead Range Target


For ranges requiring a large broadhead target that will hold up to the abuse of the sharpest broadheads, the Range King answers your request.  The large size is perfect for sighting in on, and broadheads pull with ease. Works well with both mechanical and fixed-blade heads.

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