Shooting The CubeHyrbrid


The Cube Hybrid is the result of alot of time and effort to figure out the best way to make a target that combined a compression target with a foam target.

The advantages of such a target were obvious, first would be arrow removal would be greatly eased, because the arrow being stopped by compression would reduce the amount of friction from the foam.

Secondly, the target would last much longer because the foam and the compression core would be working together, thus making both last longer.

And you would have the things that archers like about block style targets, namely multible shooting areas, freestanding so you do not have to worry about a stand.

The bonus of the design we came up with is the fact that as you shoot the Cube Hybrid, you can rotate the inner core, so that the material will reposition itself as you shoot it. This makes it self repairing.

Then you have broadheads, of course if you hunt at some point you will want to shoot some broadheads. With compression targets ( Bag Targets ) broadhead practice is not an option, and with expensive block targets are cut to pieces quickly.

We realized that by making a foam core for the Cube Hybrid we could take the compression core out, and shoot the broadhead core from the front, as opposed to shooting the sides with the field points. This keeps the broadheads out of the main body of the target and only destroys the broadhead core. This is especially nice if you are only shooing a few broadheads from time to time. The Cube Hybrid really address's alot of the problems that other targets cannot.

Now the only problem that I have encountered with the Cube Hybrid is the use of over size points or inserts that extend past the arrow shaft. The self healing qualities of the foam shell will close up behind the point of your arrow if it is larger than the arrow shaft, and it will hang up on the foam shell. I had to take the compression bag out and unscrew the point to get the arrow out.

However with points that are the same diameter or smaller than your arrow shaft arrows pull with ease. In fact over size points will wear out any target faster. We at American Whitetail believe in building the best targets available, and in giving you the information you need to make a good choice when it comes to archery targets,
Thank you for visiting our website and good shooting!