Arrow Master #CCJR

19" x 19" x 12" Crossbow or Compound to 420FPS!!!

From Crossbow Magazine 2015 Testing of the ArrowMaster!!!

American Whitetail Target's "Arrowmaster" target received a perfect 5 out of 5 star rating by the testing staff at Crossbow Magazine. All of our testers felt this target made an ideal target for discharging arrows, because of its portability, and ability to stop arrows at very close range up to 400 fps.  It is also large enough to be a dedicated range target. This target serves these two purposes equally well.  Arrow removal was a breeze for both aluminum and carbon arrows of all diameters. This target has found a permanent home on our ranges.

Light weight, free standing, with dual  sided shooting, weather proof High Definition Tough Target graphics, and capable of stopping arrows up to  420 FPS with one hand arrow removal. The compact size allows this target to double as a crossbow discharge target or a camp practice target.

The Arrowmaster is designed to be a light duty/discharge target, and will stop bolts or arrows, to 400 FPS, however if you are shooting a crossbow shooting in the 385 to 400 FPS range, and intend to shoot daily the Comp Cube or the Cube Hybrid would be a better choice, for heavy duty shooting. 


With the advent of crossbows being used in archery seasons across the nation, we were being asked a simple question, can you build a target that will stop crossbow bolts over 350 FPS, with easy arrow removal, and still work well with either light weight youth bows, or hunting weight compounds.

The Answer?

The ArrowMaster 

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