Blog posts of '2017' 'November'

We developed Dual Chamber Technology in response to the advancment in archery equipment in the 21st century. Not only are bows storing more energy, arrow technology has become so advanced with micro diamter hunting arrows, that old style bag targets are becoming obsolete.

Dual Chamber Technology combines a rigid foam shell, that is packed tightly with compression material, which is then backed up with a solid packed compression core.

These two chambers work together to stop arrows, by dampening the energy quickly, allowing less damage to the target, for more target life, while allowing ultra easy arrow removal at any arrow speed.

In addition the inner chamber features an access port, which allows archers to remove the compression material, and repack it on demand, if arrow penetration becomes excessive, totally returning stopping power to new.

To maintain a flat surface, that will take thousands of arrow strikes, we have placed our 70K Syn Screen, which is a woven synthetic screen, that holds arrow straight, and will take thousands of shots.

After many thousands of arrow stikes, we offer a repair module kit, which will replace the poly membrane and the syn screen, in less than 20 minutes, your target is returned to new.

All HybriMAT Extreme targets feature DCT (Dual Chamber Technology)