Target Comparison Videos

A few years ago I was testing targets, and someone asked me why we did'nt show everyone how much effort we put into testing, and building targets that address the problems that modern archers have stopping their arrows. I thought that was a great idea so we started videoing the testing, and posting it online.

The response was overwhelming. We have made it a part of our new website to give you as much information as you can possibly have when choosing your next target.

I do want to say that I am not trying to bash other archery targets, per se. We simply look for the areas that archery targets are weak in, and then address that area with better designs. That includes our own products.

I am always honest in these videos, and when I find targets such as the Rinehart 18-1 that do work well, I say so, but it has a's expense vs it's size. That is just one example. And we welcome your feedback if you take issue with any of our videos, let me know, and I will put your question to the test and post the results right here. We have many more videos on at the Archerace7 channel.

We put alot of effort in building the best targets you will ever shoot. I hope this page helps you in choosing your next target.

Good Shooting!


When Open Layer Target companies claim to work well with broadheads, you have to wonder about any claim they make. This video illustrates the way broadheads cut apart loose sheets of foam that are just banded together.



The first video we posted, this comparison video featuring our then new King broadhead only target has been a huge hit with bowhunters around the world. While it is not scientific, it is real world.



 A comparision between the Cube and the Rinehart 18-1 Target.

This is part of a video we did, which we tested a number of targets against one Range King Broadhead target. This is the Bone Collector portion. During this test we placed a spot for each target on the Range King. then shot out the competitors target, before shooting the same number of arrows into that target's spot on the Range King. These targets were similar in price to the Range King at that time, and I wanted to illiustrate that the Range King had so much shooting area for a similar price and would stop more broadheads as well, that it was a much better value. I will let you decide if I got my point accross. Thanks for watching!