HybriMat Prodigy

U.S. Patent# 838117



We would like to congratulate the Henderson, KY National Archery in the School team for winning

the 2011 World National Archery in the Schools tournament!!!!!!!!


"The response to the targets is great.  We have found a winner with your target.  Thank you for all the work you have put into designing something we can get some real use out of."

Jennifer Brown
Henderson, KY


The HybriMAT Prodigy® Target Mat was designed to school archery specifications in 2010, to provide them with a target that provided long life, economy, and easy arrow removal, for their long practice sessions.  We thank them for the opportunity to be a part of their victory!!!  Way to go!!           



JOAD Programs around the country shoot AMERICAN WHITETAIL Target Mats.
Now we have designed the PERFECT Target Mat for your School's Archery Program


The AMERICAN WHITETAIL® HybriMAT® Competition Target Mat has long proven itself on the fields of world class archery competiton.  To build the perfect target for School Archery programs, we downsized our HybriMAT® Competition Target Mat to create...


The HybriMAT® Prodigy Target Mat

The HybriMAT® Prodigy Target Mat will take tens of thousands of shots -- then simply replace the inexpensive foam core, which is backed up by our compression BallistiCore.  Insert your replacement core right into the target, and you don't have to replace the entire target!  The HybriMAT® Prodigy Target Mat is a smaller version of the exact same target that is being used on a daily basis by hopeful Olympians around the world.  And now the future Olympians in your school can shoot one, too!

The HybriMAT® Prodigy Target Mat is the most economical, versatile, lightweight and durable target mat ever designed for School Archery programs.  It will help you get the most our of your program, and make sure your students have the best archery experience ever. And in addition to the fact that our new HybriMAT Prodigy is totally repairable, it also work swell with ALL bows, from lightweight school bows to Dad's powerful hunting bow, and everything in between.  To see how the HybriMAT® Prodigy Target Mat is made, click here. 



The Perfect Target Face for use with the HybriMAT® Prodigy Target Mat!


The Infinity Face 80 CM is the most innovative target face ever created, and was designed from the beginning for Archery in the School programs.


Made with super-sealing material combined with High Definition Permanent graphics,
the Infinity Face 80 CM Target Face will outlast paper faces 100 to 1.  The yellow scoring area is replaceable, for even more economy.


The Infinity Face 80 CM Target Face will save your school program hundreds of dollars, and the kids love em!  You will too, when you see how much this target face will save you!


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The HybriMAT® Prodigy Target Mat


The HybriMAT® Prodigy                 The HybriMAT® Inner Donut       The HybriMAT® Inner Core

Cat# HM34                                      Cat# NACR100                             Cat# NACR50
Size 34" x 34" x 12"                         20" Dia x 4.5" Thick                      10" Dia x 4.5" Thick


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The HybriMAT® Prodigy in Action!!