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Ralph Harris
American Whitetail Inc.

Dark Timber,
Regina, New Mexico



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American Whitetail Inc.
8478 East SR 62
Ferdinand, Indiana 47532


SCHOOL Tough Target 80CM Face - $19.95

NEW!! SYT Youth Target - $63.95

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Cat # Description Price Buy Now

Archery in the Schools     HybriMAT Prodigy    HybriMAT Prodigy HD

HM34  Shipping included $209.95
HM34HD  Shipping Included $229.95
NACR100  Shipping Included $39.95
NACR50  Shipping Included $29.95
School Discounts Available!  Call now for quote: 812-629-6444

Ball Pin Target Pins

Ball Pins per Dozen.  Shipping Included $18.95
Ball Pinsingle Each.  Shipping Included $2.00

Scorpions Venom Arrow Lube

SVA   Shipping Included $12.95

The CUBE Hybrid

HC250HD High Definition - Size 22"x22"x20" $159.95
HC250   Standard Definition - Size 22"x22"x20" $129.95
 CCJR  The ArrowMaster Compact Hybrid Target $59.95  

Broadhead Cores for the CUBE Hybrid

BH270HD Heavy Duty.  Shipping Included $64.95


C918   18"x18"x12"  Shipping Included $69.95
C920 20"x20"x14"   Shipping Included $99.95
C1020 20"x20"x20"  Shipping Included $129.95
C1030 28"x28"x20"  Shipping Included $179.95
C918HD 18'x18"x12" -  Hi Def  Shipping Included $79.95 
C920HD 20"x20"x14" -  Hi Def  Shipping Included $119.95
C1020HD 20"x20"x20" -  Hi Def  Shipping Included $149.95
C1030HD 28"x28"x20" -  Hi Def  Shipping Included $199.95


IC20 20"x20"x14"  Shipping Included $79.95  


TZ18 Fits 18"x18"x12"  Shipping Included $39.95
TZ20 Fits 20"x20"x14"  Shipping Included $49.95


  18"x18"x4MM thick  Shipping Included $25.95  Order page
  32"x32"x4MM thick  Shipping Included $49.95  Order page
  34"x44"x4MM thick  Shipping Included $63.95  Order page
Your choice of graphic for your INFINITY FACE!
NEW FOR 2014 Economical
Tough Face Target Faces

Crossbow Targets

CBK100 15"x15"x18"  Shipping Included $59.95
C918C 18"x18"x14"  Shipping Included $79.95
HC250HD 18"x18"x18"  Shipping Included $159.95
HC250 18"x18"x18"  Shipping Included $129.95

CrossDART Target

CP180SQ   Shipping Included $54.95

Crossbow Discharge Target

RDDC100 Round 15"Dia x 10" thick $34.95
SQDC200 Square 12" x 12" x 12" $44.95
Includes High Definition Graphics!

The King Broadhead Target

 CBK100  15"x15"x18"  Shipping Included $59.95
HK100 18"x18"x10"  Shipping Included $59.95
RK28 28"x28"x20"  Shipping Included $199.95


CF100 40"x48"x16"  $229.00 Call for Shipping
UF100 Uncut Pallet for 5 targets On Special  Free Shipping

FPS 300 Compression Targets

BG100 24"x24"x14"  Shipping Included $69.95
BG200 32"x32"x20"  Shipping Included $149.95

FITA Mats / Range Mats  

All prices plus shipping -- Call for Shipping Quote:  812-629-6444 
Call for School and Quantity  Discounts!
*** All Sizes Are Approximate ***
A-152XF      52"Dia x 7" Thick $310.95 Call for shipping
AR-152XF    52"Dia x 9" Thick $340.95  Call for shipping
AR-152HMXF 52"Dia x 12" Thick -  Hybrid Design $410.95  Call for shipping
TM-50   50"Dia x 4" Thick $199.95  Call for shipping
SQ53HMXF 53"x53"x15" Thick   -  Square Hybrid Design $530.95  Call for shipping
RD53HMXF 53" Dia x 15" Thick Round Hybrid Design $479.95  Call for shipping

AR-54XF             54" Dia x 9" Thick                                                                      $409.95      Call for shipping
New Eclipse X5!


 54" Square with NoWear Screen Hybrid Design $799.95  Call for shipping
N5FC 54" Square with Jacketed Foam Cores $699.95  Call for shipping
 OSCP20  Olympic Style Practice CompCube $79.95  
 BHC21  Bowunter Style Practice CompCube $79.95  
 SAP20  School Style Practice CompCUBE $79.95  
 Blac21  Game Style Practice CompCUBE $79.95  

Quantity Discounts available