Testing Targets...R&D Never Rests!

                                    Our Commitment to you, the Serious Archer



1994 Alberta Buck

Archery is not a static sport. It is constantly changing, and in the last ten years bows have been improved to the point that high end bows are over 90 percent efficient. This translates into arrows that are hitting harder, not to mention the fact that arrows and arrow materials have become so high tech that accuracy has taken a huge step forward.

Most, if not all of our competitors approach archery targets as a way to make a dollar, they spend tens of thousands of dollars on marketing to convice you to buy something that consists of loose sheets of foam banded in a square, or a green foam box full of scrap shirts. On the other hand our targets are as advanced as the bow you are shooting.

We are a bit more serious about archery, and the targets we build. Because I have been doing this for 30 yeras and have watched as archers have started with hay bales that worked fine, to excelsior which worked better, to the current state of affairs where it really takes a target that is designed for high speed projectiles to give you what you need.  

All of this translates into the fact that what worked a few years ago as a good archery target is history now. That is why we take the time to test and re test targets. We figure out what works and what does not. Unlike alot of target companies who will change colors or plastic wrap on a target and tout it as something new, we actually address the problems presented by changing equipment when we change a target or come out with a new concept.

 Everyday arrows are launched at different concepts as we search for the next best way to stop arrows, and we work hard to give you the absolute best archery target you can shoot, for the type of archery you are participating in. We do not pay "celebrities" to try to convince you to buy a product. We don't have to. You are our best advertising, the Serious Archer.

We dedicate our time and money to designing better targets, then testing them until we know that you will get the best target available anywhere, when you shoot your first arrow into one of our targets, just know that thousands of arrows have already been fired into one just like it at our factory to insure that you will have hours and hours of shooting ahead of you.

That is our commitment to you.