A day does not go by that we do not get an encouraging commment
                  from a happy archer. While we have our  share of problems like

                        anyone that manufactures anything, you have my personal
                  guarantee that if anything we build does not meet your expectations,
                  just give us a call and we will take care of it for you. We are proud
                  of every target that we build and want you to enjoy using it as much
                  as we enjoy providing it for you. Here is what a few fellow
                  archers have to say. We appreciate all of your kind words.

                              Thank you.



"The response to the targets is great. We have found a winner with your target. Thank you for all the work you have put into designing something we can get some real use out of."
J. Brown
Henderson Ky.


"Love your FITA mats, I shoot them almost daily!!"......T. Edgar, Cobbtown Ga.



"My daughter loves her new Genisis Bow, and we all love the HybriMAT Prodigy for family shooting!!" Jeff Davis, St Meinrad Indiana









 via the Email Aug. 17 2011
Love your targets...sorry to see though that cabelas doesn't carry them anymore. They were the nearest carrier...hard time finding a place close so you don't have to pay extra shipping. #1 broadhead and field point targets in the world...great design!
Jason H. Cecil PA

Free Target sign up July, 17 2011


I shot the Michigan State Field & Hunter round last weekend and the course had many AW Elastifoam butts which was pleasure to shoot and easy to retrieve arrows. The butts held up well.
D. Ivey, Flint Mi.

Online Email July, 3 2011

Hi Ralph
   I found a surprise on my doorstep today!!    Made my Day, Found a box, with compression target.
This is perfect timing, I am working with one of my students to prepare for Fita Field in Canada.  So this will be perfect to drag around to set up some special shots on the field range.

     I have shot Whitetails for years, all over the world, and in the Olympics!   
We (UJSCA) use them for The CA State Outdoor, Duel of the Desert and many other events, classes and qualifiers.
I appreciate the light weight, when I started back in Archery in the 80's  the burlap straw targets were pretty heavy, so these mats are the best.
Thanks for all the years of a great product.
and thanks for the target giveaway, I really love it, how fun!

Janet D.

From our Free Target Sign up Online June,29 2011

"Used to sell American Whitetail 24" round targets by the truckload.
Tired of paying for the "block party" so I'm picking up a cube to take to bear and elk camps.
Keep up the great work." 
J. Stephens, Toledo Ill.

From our Free Target Sign up Online May,2 2011

"I have just gotten into bow hunting this year and was lead around in the wrong direction by Cabelas. Told the layered foam target would last me the season with brodheads. And just like in your youtube video comparison i blew threw it in approx 100 shots with my Matthews Drenalin 70 pound draw at 30yds. Seeing your sight has me intrigued"
J. Watts , Ohio

June 6, 2011 Free Target Sign up

"Love these mats! We've got many for both our club and our home ranges!
Great service department too!"

L. Coombe, Ohio


 From Montana Test . Com April 14. 2011
 "We are delighted with our American Whitetail targets and continue to bury arrows in them.
Read more...http://montanatest.com/rating-results/readresults.php?result=206

April, 13 2011
"We were delighted to have the new 54" FITA targets. They allowed the archers ample space to mount four of the new 80cm, 6 ringed target faces per the April 1, 2011 FITA rules."  Bob Pian, AZ Cup Tournament Director.  "The 48" back up bags were matched up with new 48" wide target stands to back up four spot 50 meter compound targets.   The full size bag insured that there were no pass thrus!"


Email Aug 16, 2010

"I have owned "The Cube" for well over 2 years (at over 3 times a week) and I have loved it. It is just now starting to show signs of wear, as pieces of the outer foam is starting to come off. All i have to do is flip it another direction to find a solid spot of target. This is THE best target I have ever owned. I will never choose to buy another target. These things are indestructible!!!"

R. Halsey
Libby, Montana


Email July 10, 2010

"I just wanted to take a minute and tell you a story about your targets. I bought one of your ???Cube??? targets, the C1020, through Cabelas about six years ago. I mainly shot field points at it and at the beginning they were a little difficult to remove. However, over the first few months, removing arrows became a non-issue. I kept thinking to myself I would have to replace it in a year or two because of the shear number of shots I take. Well, I have to say that this target has been the best target I have owned. I shoot between 250 and 500 arrows a week. I have shot all six sides, all corners of each side and recently rotated it to 45 degrees and nurtured a little more life out of it, but now it is time to retire it, which leads me to my problem. The local Cabelas store does not carry it anymore. Is there a local store in Mesa, Arizona 85213 carrying ???The Cube???? If there is not, what is the price of a new C1020 Cube target? What is the shipping cost?

Thank you for a great product and I am looking forward to another six years of shooting."

D. Bauer
Mesa, AZ.


We sent some targets to our brave warriors overseas and they were kind enough to reply back...

I finally got around to getting some pictures, but wasn't able
to get all of the archers together at one time.
We can't thank you enough for sending us one of your targets. After
shooting this, there is no doubt that we will not be able to destroy it
during the duration of our deployment. I will definitely be purchasing
one of these when I return to the states! Your generosity has allowed
several of us here in Afghanistan the ability to continue something many
of us are passionate about. Without the ability to continue shooting,
this perishable skill would have to be re acquired before going out next
fall when we return. Thanks again,"

1LT J. King


From Website

"Hands down the best FITA mat I've shot."
T. White

Moore, Ok.

"Every day is a Great Day for Archery; Life and Weather sometimes delay the Rounds!

As a 4H, NASP, JOAD and USA Archery Community Coach and Trainer, your targets are the ONLY choice for training and competition.

When the comment, "American Whitetail is On Target" it means the arrow found its way home."


Coach Allen

"just wanted to say that I am a fan of your targets. I never did manage to fully wear down a target in my several years of practice, which is always nice. My arrows appreciated it, I'm sure.

Now I find myself taking charge of a small herd of excited beginners who are looking to move away from range fees and get some solid backyard practice under their belts. They have been inspired by a medieval reenactment group (SCA) of all things. Hopefully we are lucky enough to win a target; look forward to some interesting pictures if we do =)".



From Website

"I have 3 of the large FPS 300 targets and i love them! they last a longtime and take a lot of punishment"

M. Willis , Princeton Ill.


From YouTube

"These targets are the best broadhead targets on the market. After watching this video i went down to a archery shop and bought one. THIS IS THE BEST BROADHEAD TARGET I HAVE EVER SHOT PERIOD! I shoot a Bowtech Tribute at 70lbs 31 inch draw with a 382 grain arrow with muzzy 100 grain 3 blade broadheads. The arrow speed is right around 300 fps. These targets hold up alot longer then any target i have ever shot, and i paid less money for it as well! Thank You American Whitetail keep up the good work"









John Arman, Ultimate Outdoors T

From Email



"Hey Ralph,



  After viewing the video of you shooting the BG200 and BG100 I decided to take the chance and buy one of your FPS300 targets.  I decided to go with the BG200 so Id have a little larger target area to shoot at, especially from long distances (40 yards and much further).  My target arrived today and fortunately the weather was cooperating so I could see for myself how well it performed.  I shot it first from 20 yards with six arrows into different spots on the target to see how it handled the arrows near full speed from my bow which had recently been chronographed shooting my 390 Gn arrows consistently at 290 fps.  My first reaction when pulling every one of these out of the target was WOW, I cant believe how easily they ALL came out!  This is without a doubt the absolute best field point target Ive EVER shot at.  As I continued shooting from different distances (20 to 40 yards today) I was continuously amazed that each and every arrow came out as easily as your video depicted.  I am thoroughly and absolutely satisfied with its performance.


I also discovered another plus.  While this target is considerably larger than the previous bag target I had from another company I was pleasantly surprised that it was also noticeably lighter, which makes it easier to tote back and forth from my garage to my stack of hay bales when I shoot.



As you may recall I had to destroy my first bag target (from the other company) in order to retrieve one of my expensive arrows that was stuck in it, due to the target grabbing the arrow and NOT letting go.  Im totally convinced this will never happen with your target.  With the way it performs and the added benefit of being able to put a new cover over it when its finally been shot up I envision having this target for a long, long time.



Thanks again for all your time and info.  This really helped in the decision process and convinced me to buy your fine field point target.  Now, with one each of your Broadhead King and FPS300 field point targets I can shoot everything I have for years to come."



Steve (from Colorado )




"Bought a hybrid king about 4 months ago,all i can say is its the best target i've ever used.Out last any other brand i've tried."







C. Wadell ( from Mo.)




 T. Spain  ( Fountain Inn S.C.)

"I put several arrows into one of your Cube targets at a friends house and could not believe how nice of a target it is. Arrow removal is a cinch and there's more than just one place/target to shoot at."

J. Ashworth (Smyrna Tn.)


"Thank you for selling quality targets that are priced way below the "celebity targets"

M. Guarano (Green Bay Wi.)

"GREAT targets!! arrows were a little hard to pull at first but after a few shots they became easy to pull.i shot the target all fall and it has held up very very well.i would recommend your king target to anyone that needs a great broadhead target."

(Comment from YouTube Video)

"I bought my target about 6 years ago. I have also bought two new cores for it. The second has been I my guarge for two years, It just doesn't need replaced yet. Your target is the best I have ever shot at. In all this time maybe 15 arrows have had their tips pass thru the back plain. All this time it has been outside. Just a great target. thanks", Al

(Comment from Free Target Sign up)


"Recently purchased "The Cube" and was very pleased of the extra effort of the young lady to help and find one "in the back". The customer service couldn't be nicer!"


"Love what you all do thanks"


J. Baker ( from Ark.)




"The targets are super just like you said! Thanks again!"


"I bought a one of your Broadhead targets from Cabelas today. You are correct on all accounts. The field points are hard to pull and the broadheads stop, shot after shot. I wish I would have seen this video sooner. You have a great product, and I'm glad i've finally found it. Keep up the good work"