The Cube Hybrid


The Cube Hybrid is the culmination of many hundreds of hours of effort. It looks simple, and it is. But like so many simple things the most obvious are sometimes the most difficult to see. For several years I have tried to develop a target that would give an archer the durability and ease of arrow removal of a bag target with the user friendliness and versatility of a foam block style target. And keep the size as well as the weight in check.
After a lot of different concepts, the Cube Hybrid was born. Not only did it give you all of the above but it was self repairing as well. Our Patent has been applied for, and we are very proud to offer you the fruits of our labor...The Cube Hybrid. The most advanced archery target ever produced.

Ky Buck 2004
Very Memorable Buck




Combining the easy arrow removal and long life of compression bag targets with the four side shooting and free standing portablitity of block style targets the Cube Hybrid is truly a revolutionary archery target.

The Cube Hybrid works equally well with crossbow bolts as it does with standard arrows from compound or long bows. The inner core is a special blend of materials designed to repair itself as it is shot. Simply remove the rigid cap and rotate the inner compression core. When you start shooting again the material will reposition itself, bringing about like new stopping power.

























For Broadheads we build a special rolled core that fits in the hollow cavity of the Cube Hybrid Shell. When you shoot broadheads into the Cube Hybrid, shoot from the top of the shell as opposed to the sides as you do with field points. This "directional shooting" keeps broadheads from cutting up the main body of your target, addressing a major problem with conventional all purpose targets.

See how we build the most innovative target ever designed! Cube Hybrid Construction Page.

              HC250 22"x22"x20"                   HC250HD 22"x22"x20"                       BH 270HD Broadhead Core
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