TournaMAT One With PermaCORE

Now available with 10,000 shot center PermaCORE

For exteme durability, easy arrow removal, for all arrows, from the smallest FITA arrow to the largets indoor arrow.

The all new PermaCORE give you this and more, the first 10,000 shot center core, constructed from tightly wound reinforced high density flexible rubber, the nearly indestructable PermaCORE offers unprecedented healing properties, along with unsurpassed durability.

The high density of the PermaCORE absorbs energy, while squeezing the arrow as well, doubling the stopping power. The Laminated rubber suffers very little damage from each arrow strike.

Rolled under pressure to 10" (25.4 cm) diameter, by 8" thick, this center core is ideal for high volume practice, or tournaments.

The PermaCORE....the most technologically advanced core ever designed.

Your TournaMAT ONE will feature the standard 16" diameter DynaFOAM core, with a 10" diameter center PermaCORE, for the ultimate in durability.

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