NoWear CRM

Commercial Range Module. Designed for heavy duty use on commercial ranges. Designed for crossbow or compound 420 FPS. Combine 4 modules for a complete set up.
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The HybriMAT CRM (Commercial Range Module) is a fantastic stand  alone target mat, with one finger arrow removal, 100,000 shot NoWear Mesh, the capability to stop 430 FPS crossbow bolts, or a 20 lb recurve bow equally well.

The hybrid design with a rigid laminated foam shell, packed tight with ballistic material, for extreme target life. Every part of the CRM is replaceable or repairable. The 26" x 26" size stacks four targets together to build a 54" square target with four 20" diameter NoWear Mesh cores that fit four, five or 3 spot indoor faces.

The rugged 15" thickness is your guarantee of long target life. If you should shoot one spot to the point that arrows begin to penetrate more than you want, the CRM has a "hatch" on the bottom of the target that allows you access to the interior of the target, to rearrange the ballistic material, bring back all of the stopping  power it had when new.

No other  target is as cost effective as the HybriMAT singles or build the ultimate range system with the HybriMAT CRM.