BuckSTOP 500+

NEW FOR 2022 20"x20"x14" Size Designed for bolts or arrows 500FPS or more!

Totally new design, using hydraullically compressed Ballistic Fibers, into a core we call the BFCore.

Surrounded by a solid shell of HyperFOAM Hi Density, and wrapped in totally weather proof, high definition Tough Target material, the new BuckSTOP 500+ stops both 20 and 16" bolts, at over 500 FPS, with ample bolt left to pull out.

Ultra easy arrow removal, and extreme target life, make this the ultimate target with the lowest cost per shot of any target on the market!!!

Weighing only 25 lbs. with a built in handle, in a large 20"x20"x14" thick, the BuckSTOP is freestanding, and easy to transport and set up!!