School Programs

We offer a wide variety of school and camp targets from super durable NASP targets, to large targets for large camps. We can fill any archery programs needs with targets that will help you make your program a success!


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SAPC20 School Practice Target

You can't go wrong with this target!

Octi- Pad

Use with the Boys/Girls Home practice Mat 35" x 35"

Dyna 50 Recurve Target

Designed for Recurve use, with X10 arrows. Replaceable 16" Diameter center MDL DynaFOAM co...

PowerPAD 40

40" Arrow Stopping Ballistic Pad

TournaMAT One

Designed for Compounds or Recruves 16" Diameter Replaceable Center

Box of Four Center "Donuts" NA...

Box of four Main Core for HM34 HybriMAT Prodigy

MDL DynaFOAM Core HybriMAT Pro...

12" Diameter DynaFOAM core for HM34

Standard Replacement Core for ...

Replacement center core for the HybriMat Prodigy.