Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our factory is in Ferdinand Indiana.

A: Absolutly! Your satisfaction as well as the materials and workmanship is guaranteed. If you feel our target's haven't met your standards, please call 812-937-7185  for customer service..

A: All of our targets have a feet per second rating or poundage pull rating. If our target fits in that rating, shoot away. Some targets are only designed for crossbows however all crossbow targets you may shoot with a compound or recurve bow set up.

A: Please call 812-937-7185 and ask for customer service. If the taret has not been shipped yet, we can exchange the target for the correct one.

A: Instead of loose packing a bag with material, which can move around and create voids, allowing arrows to pass through, our Hybrimat series targets are designed to be a 21st century alternative to old tech filled bags.  Using a rigid foam shell that is packed with ballistic material , voids can not form, as the material can not move. The HybriMat is totally repairable in minutes with the "repair port" allowing the inner material to be removed and repacked as needed, standard on all HybriMats.

A: The NoWear Screen is used on HybriMat targets to insure a constant flat target surface, and to hold arrows straight for scoring. Unlike bag targets, arrows will not "sag" suffering damage from subsequent shots. The NoWear Screen is woven to accept any diameter arrow and will take 70 to 100K arrow strikes before needing to be replaced.