News on Targets!!!


For years thin layers of various foams have been compressed to create a target, it works great, taking less damage than a solid foam.

Times change, and at American Whitetail we are always working to design, innovate, and create a better way to stop arrows. And we have improved the layered foam concept!!

Using our all new MDL DynaFOAM, cut into 2" thick layers, then compressed we have created a system that stops arrows better, because DynaFOAM actually is compressed within itself. When you add the compression of a system, such as rigid boards top and bottom, the compression goes up exponentially, while giving you better healing properties.

Particles of the DynaFOAM actually pack into themselves as they are shot, stopping arrows better and better. When setting up the target, the 2" thick sections are much easier to assemble, and when repairing, or replacing sections of the target, they are equally easy to work with.

DynaFOAM is the next step in target evolution, being used in our Beast line, our TournaNAT line, and the all ne DynaFIFTY recuvre target, as well as the new Range Beast and Son of Beast compression targets.

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Do you enjoy the challenge of shooting a Recuve...or do you have a tournament to put on, with limited funds?

The all new DynaFIFTY gives archers who enjoy the outdoor experience of shooting the FITA rounds, a new option for practice or touranments, sized in 50" diameter and 5" thick, the DynaFIFTY is built with our all new Multi Directional Layered DynaFOAM, featuring a replaceable 16" diameter center core, and your choice of either DynaFOAM or you can upgrade to our Jacketed Foam Core, featuring the same technology as our AR152 Tournament Mats.

The all new EXOstand also works great with the DynaFIFTY, stops X10, easy arrow removal, totally encapsulated in Tough Target Vinyl, each DynaFIFTY comes with a 122CM face. and is weather proof.

Finally a target mat that is economical, and designed for recurve archers around the world!!

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