Using reinforced high density flexible rubber, tightly wound, to build a laminiated core the all new PermaCORE stops the fastest smallest diameter arrows, to the largest diameter indoor arrows equally well.

Great arrow removal and best of all, super healing, results in a core that will out last any foam on the market. This 10" diameter/25.4 cm core x 8" thick will take 10,000 arrow strikes befire needing to be replaced.

Available as an upgrade for all Competition mats!!

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AR124 W/PermaCORE

AR124 Core with upgraded Center PermaCORE

DynaFifty with PermaCORE Cente...

DynaFifty with PermaCORE


Replacement PermaCORE for DynaFIFTY

16" diameter TournaMAT Jackete...

Wound/Laminated Foam with PermaCORE center