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Eclipse SQ School Mat NASP Approved

Eclipse SQ School Mat NASP Approved

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The all new Eclipse SQ is designed to NASP specs, with exteme durability, ultra easy arrow removal, and is light weight. Bulit in a square model, to fit the 80CM face, the Eclipse SQ includes a 3 Year no shoot through warranty, the unique design of this target allows you to repack the interior ballistic material, on demand, when ever penetration, or bounce outs become a problem, retoring the permormance of the target.

The woven syn screen will take thousands of shots, with little wear, while maintaining the color 80CM practice face.

Super easy arrow removal, the best cost per shot ratio of any school target available, lightweight for easy set up, the Eclipse SQ is ideal for all school programs, for both practice and tournaments!


Size 32"x32"x14" Thick
Weight 30 lbs

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