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SuperBUTT- Build your own Super Target! (SKU-SB24)

SuperBUTT- Build your own Super Target! (SKU-SB24)

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Save money, shoot more with the all new SuperBUTT kit.

The SuperBUTT kit builds a target that is 24" wide x 22" tall x 12" thick, using 13 lb high density DynaFOAM layers 2" thick.

You need two 2"x 12" boards 24" long, and two 2" wide ratchet straps. Stack the foam planks between the boards, and tighten the straps down. Your target is ready to shoot.

In minutes you have a large foam archery target, that will work with broadheads or field points, stop arrows to 450 fps, is repairable for even more savings, for a fraction of the price of a similar sized molded target.

Replacement foam planks are available!

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